Euronews interviews Matthew and Andrew Caruana Galizia

2018-05-30T12:00:31+02:00Tue, 29th May '18, 21:55|

Matthew Caruana Galizia: "Once your break down institutions, and capture them and destroy them in order to enable your own corruption you let in the door everything else, all the other bad stuff in the world. It's like inverting the Pandora's Box. This is what's happened. So, of course, as long as there's impunity and [...]

Shut up Manuel

2018-05-29T09:06:50+02:00Tue, 29th May '18, 09:06|

The reaction to any blog post or article that is critical of the PN from a source of information that is habitually critical of Joseph Muscat’s government is as predictable as it is sad. It’s not that an opinion that is expressed that is in some way controversial or challenging should not expect to be [...]

Metropolis: Valletta 2018 (Arte)

2018-05-29T08:08:52+02:00Tue, 29th May '18, 08:06|

See this episode of Metropolis, the first feature of which explores the contradictions of a European Capital of Culture that tries its best to ignore that a journalist has been killed. This is the French language version.

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