Likely new Italian prime minister says he lectured in Malta. Malta University says “it has no record”

2018-05-22T18:20:57+02:00Tue, 22nd May '18, 18:20|

Giuseppe Conte, nominated for the post of Prime Minister of Italy, by leaders of the populist Cinque Stelle and Lega parties, is a law professor whose resumé includes teaching a summer class at the University of Malta called “European Contract and Banking Law”. A New York Times article observed that that specific element of his [...]

Untimely interruption

2018-05-22T16:46:08+02:00Tue, 22nd May '18, 16:46|

The presentation of evidence against the three alleged hired assassins who killed Daphne Caruana Galizia, risks becoming a courtroom drama in the let’s-watch-this-because-it’s-fun sort of way. In all honesty the maddening delaying tactics of the defence team entertain no one but we would all do better to be circumspect about commenting on creative lawyerly use [...]

You may have seen this before

2018-05-22T16:16:14+02:00Tue, 22nd May '18, 16:16|

One of the fascinating controversies that this blog had on its discussion boards was whether it is appropriate to make comparisons between the current state of play in Malta and the rise of fascist politics in Europe less than a century ago. I came across a Reddit discussion just this morning that was debating my [...]

Xini Productions: Remember the Artful Dodger of Europe interview?

2018-05-22T15:24:10+02:00Tue, 22nd May '18, 15:24|

Before the last election You Tube channel Xini Productions released a number of videos analysing Joseph Muscat's body language, demonstrating the tells in his behaviour. I have come across this video released a few weeks ago analysing John Sweeney's BBC Newsnight interview with Joseph Muscat from some time ago known to posterity as 'the artful dodger [...]

Stay in touch

2018-05-22T12:37:23+02:00Tue, 22nd May '18, 12:37|

If you want to stay informed of Civil Society activities and initiatives, you need to give them your consent to send notifications to your Whatsapp account. It's the law. Send a Whatsapp message to 99660847. If you do this before Friday 25th, your message will be your consent for Civil Society to keep your number [...]

Henley & Partners now selling Malta real estate

2018-05-22T08:22:59+02:00Tue, 22nd May '18, 08:22|

Henley & Partners’ grip on Malta continues to tighten as they go further up the value chain combining real estate mediation with the offer of Maltese citizenship. The group has set up a real estate branch under the brand Casamont and will compete with other real estate agents for margins on the sale of property [...]

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