Brothelgate: More from court this morning

2018-05-31T14:43:30+02:00Thu, 31st May '18, 14:43|

There was another odd development in court today when the brothel-gate libel suits were being heard. Pawlu Lia and Edward Gatt filed an application on behalf of Chris Cardona’s secretary Joe Gerada who was also alleged to have been in the brothel. The application had a photo taken from a phone that is supposed to [...]

RETRACTION: Corruption in the arts

2018-08-04T08:47:09+02:00Thu, 31st May '18, 11:41|

Retraction: August 4th, 2018 08:45 The below story covered In-Nazzjon's report of May 31st, 2018. My attention has been drawn to the fact that In-Nazzjon has since retracted the story accepting that its content was materially untrue. It has apologised to Mario Philip Azzopardi. This note is not being added on anyone's request. However, I [...]

Ali Sadr set up company to build social housing

2018-05-31T11:10:11+02:00Thu, 31st May '18, 11:10|

MP Karol Aquilina this morning tabled evidence that showed that Ali Sadr set up a Maltese company to build "socials (sic) and mass housing projects". Ali Sadr is still the owner and director of Malta International Construction Company Limited, a Maltese company registered at the same address in Ta' Xbiex as Pilatus Bank. Ali Sadr [...]

Strict due diligence

2018-06-05T09:31:42+02:00Thu, 31st May '18, 10:30|

The European Parliament yesterday again debated schemes selling ‘golden visas’, or as ours does the sale of passports, to people willing and able to pay for it. The discussion evolved exactly as you would have expected it. European citizenship is a joint responsibility of member states who are free to regulate access to their own [...]

The journalist who did not die

2018-05-31T09:21:58+02:00Thu, 31st May '18, 09:21|

Photo: REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko The story of the journalist who staged his own assassination in cooperation with the security authorities of Ukraine in order to prevent a real assassination from taking place leaves many mixed feelings. It proved a good opportunity for journalist-bashing as readers wrote in accusing journalists of being either gullible for [...]

Twitchcraft: Under the carpet. And over it.

2018-05-31T08:52:34+02:00Thu, 31st May '18, 08:52|

Twitchcraft completed his latest mural at the Skatepark. Love the € sign in place of the cross on top of the dome in the background. Plenty more details to discover. And plenty of tower cranes. Read his Facebook post on it here.

“Malta’s corrupt political system is not European” – Guy Verhofstadt

2018-05-31T08:42:11+02:00Thu, 31st May '18, 08:42|

It's spine chilling. It's painful to hear. It's a grave indictment. It's also true. Guy Verhofstadt was giving one of his European Parliament speeches that go around Whatsapp and Facebook as clickbait. It's true that surrounded by the staid, scripted and halting performances of MEPs it should be easier to stand out, the man's performances, [...]

‘Abusive’ Facebook posts

2018-05-31T08:26:51+02:00Thu, 31st May '18, 08:26|

At face value it's no more than a nuisance. People who for whatever reason would like for a Facebook post to be seen by less people report it to Facebook as 'abusive'. Facebook, with little time to make direct value judgements, errs on the side of caution and blocks posts just in case the report [...]

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