Artwork in honour of Daphne Caruana Galizia unveiled in the European Parliament on World Press Freedom Day

2018-05-03T22:10:38+02:00Thu, 3rd May '18, 22:10|

The following is a European People's Party Statement: In an emotional meeting with Daphne Caruana Galizia’s parents, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and MEP Roberta Metsola reiterated that they would not stop fighting for justice and for the truth about the assassination. President Tajani and MEP Roberta Metsola were talking during the unveiling of a [...]

“Malta, il paradiso dei trafficanti”

2018-05-04T06:20:23+02:00Thu, 3rd May '18, 21:55|

Another major investigation in The Daphne Project has been published today after research conducted by an Italian investigative team and published in La Repubblica and the Times of Malta. It provides details into fuel smuggling: how a cooperative between Libyan militias, Italian mafiosi and Maltese ship owners ran a business stealing oil from the Libyan [...]

If not now

2018-05-04T06:19:11+02:00Thu, 3rd May '18, 21:19|

Health warning. This is a long one. You don’t have to tell me it is. I know. I wrote it. If you have some time, here goes. The insidious character of the power that has taken hold of Malta is extremely easy to underestimate. Comparisons have been made with pre-war fascism and these are not [...]

200 days of Sodom

2018-05-03T17:13:52+02:00Thu, 3rd May '18, 17:13|

The Panama Gang’s behaviour in court is truly appalling. Even the Mafia, at least in the romantic depictions of it, distinguishes between soldiers and civilians. The way they are getting their lawyers to harass Peter Caruana Galizia out of some perverse sense of vindictive revenge for the death of his wife would disgust the Mafia [...]

Let’s meet on the Tritons Square to scare the journalists

2018-05-03T10:48:02+02:00Thu, 3rd May '18, 10:27|

Here's Konrad Mizzi with Josef Vincenti. He'd want to be seen with him because Mr Vincenti is a bit of a tough guy. Here he is on Facebook some time ago. And here he is partying on Sunday at the great socialist gathering of workers' solidarity. One would hope that Mr Vincenti did not [...]

Parliamentary privilege

2018-05-03T10:24:31+02:00Thu, 3rd May '18, 10:24|

The term ‘parliamentary privilege’ is a misnomer or at least it would be if the meaning of ‘privilege’ is understood within the narrow meaning given it by common conversation. This is not some perk given to MPs allowing them to badmouth people with impunity. It is a protection inherited from the civil rights revolution of [...]

Radical left-wing British publication calls Joseph Muscat’s May Day gathering “a disgrace”

2018-05-03T08:13:21+02:00Thu, 3rd May '18, 08:13|

Normally 'The Socialist' is not my first read in the morning but the radical publication has the right to claim some ownership of May Day and to express indignation when the holiest day of the left is desecrated. Heading reads "Malta: right-wing Labour leader's Panama Papers insult to May Day". Yep. Though admittedly just about [...]

SCL and Cambridge Analytica shutting down

2018-05-03T07:59:05+02:00Thu, 3rd May '18, 07:54|

As first reported in the Wall Street Journal and subsequently in this The Guardian report, both Cambridge Analytica and one of its holding companies SCL Elections, are winding down in the US and the UK. The companies are in terminal agony still protesting their innocence: that their methods have always been ethical and unimpeachable. But [...]

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