2018-05-14T17:42:23+02:00Mon, 14th May '18, 17:41|

The talk that Malta Today reports on that Magistrate Anthony Vella is on the short list for promotion to judgeship reached me as well. You never know if these snippets of chatter are coming from the same sources and you can never be sure of their accuracy because at this stage these would be ideas [...]

Idiot’s guides to what’s happening around you

2018-05-14T15:15:09+02:00Mon, 14th May '18, 15:15|

Kristina Chetcuti on The Sunday Times is providing a public service not unlike Giovanni Bonello's series on institutionalised ignorance of our constitution. Her series is a handbook of clear precis of the convoluted mess Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri and "someone more important than them" have set up to cover up the crimes they have committed. [...]

Ar’hemm ħej! Proud of their politics ta.

2018-05-14T14:40:32+02:00Mon, 14th May '18, 14:38|

We're approaching the 16th of the month and Labour's spinmeisters are getting ready to neutralise any show of dissent or protest that is a monthly occurrence since Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. No need to call the police, MEPA and the crane contractors because those are already standing by. When protesters set up banners in [...]

When Alfred Sant plays the fool

2018-05-14T14:07:08+02:00Mon, 14th May '18, 14:07|

Don’t you for a minute think that Alfred Sant forgot Ali Sadr’s name on Xarabank last Friday. He used that mock innocent trick throughout the decades of his political career and it’s a confidence trickster’s way of disarming his victims into thinking he must be genuine. Alfred Sant knows very well who Ali Sadr is. [...]

Taking out an insurance

2018-05-14T14:08:37+02:00Mon, 14th May '18, 08:09|

Blaming the losses from the Azerbaijan gas procurement deal on a hedging agreement to ensure pricing stability, as the prime minister did yesterday, is like blaming a sharp knife for a mortal stab wound. Both Joseph Muscat and his predecessor Alfred Sant screamed blue murder whenever a hedge on fuel procurement for our energy needs [...]

16th May. 19:30. In front of the law courts.

2018-05-17T07:04:35+02:00Mon, 14th May '18, 06:55|

We have reached the 7-month mark since Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. We are entering summer. Not one of the many vigils or protests or stories in the international press or any of the documentaries has had the effect of moving any single government official to assume some responsibility. Not one of the stories Daphne [...]

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