Review: Invicta

2018-05-05T20:22:03+02:00Sat, 5th May '18, 20:22|

The Malta Independent carried Steve Flinders' review of Invicta, the anthology of essays written within days of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. You should read it.

How Kaelin and Nix worked Caribbean elections to introduce passport-selling schemes

2018-05-05T20:00:45+02:00Sat, 5th May '18, 20:00|

Freddy Gray of The Spectator interviews a source who worked for SCL (Cambridge Analytica's UK mother company) up to 2010. The whistle-blower speaks of working both for Alexander Nix of SCL and Christian Kaelin of Henley & Partners who coordinated funding and electoral works for political leaders in the Caribbean who would then engage Henley [...]

Chris Fearne’s swift action

2018-05-05T19:48:32+02:00Sat, 5th May '18, 19:48|

Of course in principle Chris Fearne should not get the blame for the fact that one of his staffers got greedy and solicited a bribe. As far as we can tell the moment he found out he threw the guy out. No organisation is immune from rotten elements. The real test of their quality is [...]

He’s not worried (updated with video)

2018-05-06T18:09:28+02:00Sat, 5th May '18, 19:24|

Whatever Konrad Mizzi lost yesterday, he appears to have found it. Audio on this video is NSFW. If for whatever reason you're too distracted and are struggling to focus, Konrad Mizzi is the guy in the black t-shirt and GI Joe glasses. The guy doesn't look sober when he is, so I would [...]

Neil Chenoweth: Who ordered the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia?

2018-05-05T08:45:02+02:00Sat, 5th May '18, 08:45|

Neil Chenoweth worked with Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2016 when the Panama Papers came out. He writes for the Australian Financial Review and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and has recently provided more detail on Azerbaijan's use of Malta and how that has evolved since the crash of Pilatus Bank. Two hundred days since [...]

Journalists thank Italian police for disrupting Mafia plan to bomb journalist: tapping Mafiosi phones foiled plans

2018-05-05T08:08:06+02:00Sat, 5th May '18, 08:08|

Paolo Borrometti, independent journalist on investigative blog site La Spia, has survived a plan by the Sicilian Mafia to execute him during a visit to his native Sicily. Paolo Borrometti has lived in Rome for some time under heavy security. Italian law enforcement agencies foiled the Mafia's plans to kill Borrometti after acquiring intelligence from [...]

Apologies for the mansplanation

2018-05-05T06:57:10+02:00Sat, 5th May '18, 06:57|

I hesitated to write my reaction to Julia Farrugia’s piece in The Times yesterday. The mental picture of a loud, burly man telling a woman why she’s wrong about her interpretation of the causes of misogyny in our society or why women in politics are at a disadvantage compared with men is horrible. No man [...]

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