Steward plays Guess Who?

2018-05-06T20:11:46+02:00Sun, 6th May '18, 18:33|

The below was a full-page advert taken out in the press today by Steward Health Care. The objective presumably was to inspire confidence in "the people behind Steward". The only thing this managed to inspire is the suspicion that Steward people have multiple personality disorder or have discovered human cloning. The 42 photos, with no [...]

Andrew Borg Cardona: On losing it

2018-05-06T18:18:03+02:00Sun, 6th May '18, 18:16|

By Andrew Borg Cardona: It’s not my habit to watch the assorted videos that are posted on social media or the news portals, but sometimes I do. I’ve just watched Minister Konrad Mizzi being importuned by Ivan Camilleri of the Times. Camilleri seems to have one thing on his mind, almost obsessively it could be [...]

Italian veteran anti-mafia senator on mafie infiltration in Malta

2018-05-06T18:05:15+02:00Sun, 6th May '18, 18:02|

This interview was first published in the original Italian as part of the "Malta Report" presented at the forty-second Anti-Mafia summit recently convened in Naples. A copy of the Malta Report published by the Osservatorio Mediterraneo sulla Criminalità Organizzata e le Mafie is here. Aldo Musci interviews Giuseppe Lumia (in past legislatures a member for [...]

Malta Institute of Journalists honours Daphne Caruana Galizia with Gold Award for contribution to journalism

2018-05-06T16:48:15+02:00Sun, 6th May '18, 16:48|

Ah well. Better late than. Though not by much. When she broke the biggest news, had the biggest readership, single-handedly changed the information landscape and was the target of organised intimidation, the IĠM should have recognised her too. When her stories were ignored by their subjects, the IĠM should have led its members in ensuring [...]

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