Advancing in democracy

2018-06-07T13:14:32+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 13:14|

It is reasonable to expect that in a democracy the nature of that democracy can be a matter of disagreement. Julia Farrugia has set up a ‘technical committee for the advancement of representative democracy’. Its terms of reference are not known.  Is the committee supposed to strengthen democracy itself, or is it going to say [...]

Pop behind the iron curtain

2018-06-07T10:32:28+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 10:32|

Many, many years ago, before my mum would let me go to a rock concert, Tina Turner had a gig in Floriana. That was 1990. I was not there. But people came back from that concert saying she put on a great show. And that Michael Frendo, then culture Minister, went up on stage to [...]

#Reżistenza raise a makeshift memorial to El Kasco

2018-06-07T09:37:34+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 09:37|

In whose interest are decisions being taken by #Malta authorities? Who controls Malta? We inherited a sovereign State with proper functioning institutions. In 2018 Malta impunity is the order of the day & obscure forces determine our future. We deserve much better. #DaphneProject — Reżistenza Malta (@RezistenzaMalta) June 7, 2018 As Times of Malta [...]

GUEST POST: Anger and hope

2018-06-07T09:25:50+02:00Thu, 7th Jun '18, 09:25|

This guest post was sent from a regular reader in Brunei: Dear Manuel, I have been wanting to drop you a note for a long time and one of your recent posts has finally spurred me to do so. It was the It's been a year post that has finally done it, partly because you reminded [...]

January 2015: Keith Schembri’s ‘new funds’

2018-06-06T16:54:41+02:00Wed, 6th Jun '18, 16:09|

On 22nd January, 2015, Keith Schembri’s financial managers received a payment instruction for $201,572.31. At the time that amounted to €174,256.23. The amount was deposited for the client account held in Keith Schembri’s name at the Bank of Valletta. It was also logged as ‘new funds’ in Keith Schembri’s client history with the financial managers. [...]

It’s been a year

2018-06-06T12:17:50+02:00Wed, 6th Jun '18, 12:17|

A year ago today I sat down to organise my thoughts on the general election results. The piece, It hurts, doesn't it? came to 3,000 words and even by loquacious standards that was too long for Facebook. So I set up a free Blogger account so I can link the piece to Facebook. After a few [...]

The prime minister’s denials on behalf of his work wife

2018-06-06T09:52:37+02:00Wed, 6th Jun '18, 09:52|

There are no legitimately comprehensible explanations for Joseph Muscat’s absolute and categorial denial of my story of earlier yesterday that his chief of staff received over $430,000 in payments five weeks after they flew together with Konrad Mizzi and Kurt Farrugia and no one else to Baku. No one can be absolutely sure about someone [...]

Kenneth Wain on the role of civil society activism

2018-06-06T09:07:56+02:00Wed, 6th Jun '18, 09:07|

Kenneth Wain has been an important component of civil society throughout his long career. He is that rare breed of academic who speaks his mind and adds to the national discourse with his informed, competent thoughts. When Malta was at a cross-roads ahead of the decision whether to join the EU he braved the anger [...]

Rosianne Cutajar provides some comic relief

2018-06-06T09:08:55+02:00Wed, 6th Jun '18, 08:57|

On our way out from an important meeting ? #breeze #june #hellojune #mps #politics #colleagues #friendship #picoftheday #photooftheday #instacool #instalike @byroncamilleri @bartoloclayton @edward.zammitlewis #oceanseleven #executive #politicians #politics #malta #maltese #womenempowerment #woman A post shared by Rosianne Cutajar (@rosianne_cutajar) on Jun 3, 2018 at 10:27am PDT Please go through the hashtags. I'll just pick out one. [...]

BBC Radio 4: File on 4, Citizenship for Sale

2018-06-06T08:45:02+02:00Wed, 6th Jun '18, 08:45|

The documentary broadcast last night on BBC Radio 4 is interested in 'Golden Visas' in a broad sense including the Tier 1 scheme run by the UK and the Henley & Partners scheme run by Malta. Listen to the whole program if you can. The Malta component starts 16 minutes in and includes interviews with [...]

Mystery payments to Keith Schembri: Prime Minister denies everything in Parliament. But how can he be so sure?

2018-06-05T18:52:52+02:00Tue, 5th Jun '18, 18:52|

The Prime Minister has just “categorically” denied in Parliament that his chief of staff Keith Schembri received unexplained payments of over $400,000 5 weeks after they secretly visited Ilham Aliyev in Baku in December 2014. The payments which I reported earlier today were made in January 2015. Joseph Muscat was confronted in Parliament by Leader [...]

Keith Schembri received $430,000 of unexplained funds 5 weeks after secret trip to Baku

2018-06-05T16:41:21+02:00Tue, 5th Jun '18, 16:41|

Documents seen by this website reveal that Keith Schembri received over $430,000 in payments in January 2015 from unexplained sources. These payments were received 5 weeks after Keith Schembri accompanied the prime minister Joseph Muscat, then Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and government spokesman Kurt Farrugia to meet Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and negotiate the entry [...]

STAR COMMENT: Questions for Keith Schembri

2018-06-05T16:29:49+02:00Tue, 5th Jun '18, 16:29|

Sent in by Misha in response to today's earlier story on Jacob Borg chasing Keith Schembri down the streets of Valletta: Some questions to be put to Keith Schembri and his boss (at least on paper), Joseph Muscat following the comment by the former stating that he pays the salary of journalists working for Allied [...]

UPDATED: TVM contributor instructs Simon Busuttil to commit suicide. Later apologises.

2018-06-05T23:21:19+02:00Tue, 5th Jun '18, 11:11|

Updated. 23:19. Scroll down to see apology published by Albert Jerome Fenech. Albert Fenech, who works from home for our national news service, posted on Facebook last Friday encouraging Simon Busuttil to jump off cliffs. Simon Busuttil tweeted on Thursday reminding people of the last PN mass meeting before the 2017 elections, his last day [...]

Cursed by the masses

2018-06-05T08:16:42+02:00Tue, 5th Jun '18, 08:16|

The thing with the post of Philip Sciberras is not just that a judge, even a retired one, should not make manifestly partisan remarks in public. Not for me at least. Nor is it that while he mouths these politically motivated rants the government uses his supposed judicial credentials to conduct politically sensitive inquiries. The [...]

The chase

2018-06-06T13:34:14+02:00Tue, 5th Jun '18, 07:47|

Do yourselves a favour and watch Jacob Borg chase Keith Schembri all the way from Court to Castille. The first thing I observe is the journalist’s fitness. I’d have been as breathless as Kurt Farrugia making that climb but since I have rather a lot more to carry than Jacob Borg’s back-pack this assignment explains [...]

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