Kasco group financial statements show Keith Schembri’s businesses suffered net losses since before 2013 election

2018-06-03T17:50:00+02:00Sun, 3rd Jun '18, 17:50|

Despite giving the impression that the earnings from his various businesses are such that he would never be tempted to be corrupted, consolidated financial statements filed by the Kasco Group show Keith Schembri declared earning far less from his businesses than he suggests. In 2011 the Kasco group declared a miserable profit of €18,895. That [...]

The behaviour of the guilty

2018-06-03T17:04:17+02:00Sun, 3rd Jun '18, 06:44|

Chris Cardona’s behaviour in trying to manage the troublesome law suit he initiated after Daphne Caruana Galizia reported 17 months ago he was in a brothel is the tactical behaviour of the guilty. The innocent step up in a court of law, say why they feel libelled, present evidence that contradicts the claims made against [...]

Andrew Borg-Cardona: The offer being made

2018-06-02T23:32:00+02:00Sat, 2nd Jun '18, 23:32|

By Andrew Borg-Cardona: It should be said at the very outset: Magistrate Tony Vella is eminently suited to become a Judge. He has the professional and personal attributes, not least of the latter of which being his humanity, integrity and practicality, which qualify him without any doubt whatsoever. This should also be said about half-way [...]

Why did the Councillor cross the road?

2018-06-02T23:21:50+02:00Sat, 2nd Jun '18, 17:44|

The facts as they have been reported are that a construction developer tried to run over a Councillor. The Councillor, who serves in the political minority in Gżira, believes Ivan Stivala, a member of the Malta Developers Association, wanted to hurt him or kill him because he, the Councillor, shared a resident’s Facebook post with [...]

‘Professor’ Joe Mifsud: Reportedly alive but in hiding on the advice of former Italian home minister

2018-06-02T17:06:58+02:00Sat, 2nd Jun '18, 17:04|

A new book by former colleagues of Joseph Mifsud reports that he is alive and well. Their account includes a recent interview with him. Joseph Mifsud was named in the investigations on alleged collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and the Kremlin which Joseph Mifsud is alleged to have brokered by offering 'dirty on Hilary [...]

The hot summer ahead

2018-06-02T16:43:30+02:00Sat, 2nd Jun '18, 16:42|

The new Italian home minister is possibly the most powerful politician in that country. He’s also, to be kind, a xenophobe, that considers people hierarchically depending on how south of Milan they come from, and people washing ashore on Italy as not his problem. On his second day of business he is flying down to [...]

Illegal dumping next to Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra temples

2018-06-01T13:43:47+02:00Fri, 1st Jun '18, 13:43|

What looks like the dumping of inert waste is happening in quarries right next to the Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra temples. The quarries were earmarked as temporary engineered landfills in a plan conceived and withdrawn around 15 years ago. The quarries are mapped as ix-Xagħra tal-Magħlaq in Siġġiewi and Qasam il-Kbir in Qrendi. A consistent [...]

Martin Scicluna’s commission duped by AUM — former lecturer

2018-06-01T13:44:16+02:00Fri, 1st Jun '18, 13:08|

The spectacular ineptitude of Maltese regulatory institutions when faced by crooks in league with Joseph Muscat’s government extends beyond the horrendous Pilatus scandal. In that case Ali Sadr was allowed by regulatory and enforcement agencies in Malta to extend an international network of money laundering and busting of sanctions against his native Iran propped up [...]

More Malta connections in the ‘Venezuela-to-Iran’ sanction-busting fraud

2018-06-01T12:24:06+02:00Fri, 1st Jun '18, 11:18|

Persons and companies involved in the Venezuela-to-Iran bank fraud and sanctions-busting scheme, currently the subject of an indictment and prosecution in the United States, are connected to Pilatus Bank and Ali Sadr’s activities in Malta. In spite of vehement denials of the government that the US indictment of Ali Sadr had anything to do with [...]

Ali Sadr’s bail conditions finalised: 7pm curfew, electronic tagging and a $32 million bond; waives right to contest extradition from any country

2018-06-01T06:31:02+02:00Fri, 1st Jun '18, 06:31|

The Southern New York District Court of the United States has yesterday approved the final list of bail conditions that Ali Sadr must satisfy for his pre-trial release pending his trial for bank fraud and sanctions busting in the US Federal Court in New York. Ali Sadr and 15 other signatories have to hand in [...]

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