GUEST POST: ( r ) evolution.

2019-06-18T15:28:52+02:00Tue, 18th Jun '19, 15:28|

Sent in by a new guest contributor that will go by the name of Baskerville. The author is known to me. evolution noun the gradual development of something. Revolution noun a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system. Like any other organisation and institution, the PN has evolved [...]

Facebook poultry

2019-06-18T14:08:43+02:00Tue, 18th Jun '19, 14:08|

Despite the impression having been given weeks ago that he would be present for cross-examination, Pierre Portelli didn’t show up in court this morning “because he wasn’t notified”. The fact that he wasn’t notified and didn’t attend didn’t stop him from making snide remarks on his Facebook page, of course. But that’s Facebook, not real [...]

GUEST POST: Out for blood

2019-06-18T13:41:40+02:00Tue, 18th Jun '19, 13:41|

Filed by regular autho Tyndareus. If you thought Pierre Portelli is going to hang up his boots… you’ve got another one coming. All the signs are there that he’s not giving up any time soon. In his ‘resignation’ letter, Portelli states: “I will continue to support your resolve to push a new way for the [...]

Did you say resignation?

2019-06-18T08:40:41+02:00Tue, 18th Jun '19, 08:05|

This could prove to be a very interesting day in court. Pierre Portelli is due for cross-examination in the case I filed against the PN last August because by his own admission he decided not to carry a brief statement in reply to wrongful reporting on NET TV. They had said at the time I [...]

Truth and Justice: Sabatino Caso

2019-06-17T18:58:20+02:00Mon, 17th Jun '19, 18:58| We are here tonight to remember Daphne Caruana Galizia, a courageous woman. On behalf of the Community of Sant'Egidio, I'm here to convey our solidarity to Daphne's family, to the people who supported her with affection, to those who are carrying on her project. We learn about Daphne's story thanks to Daphne project, which [...]

Truth and Justice: Ana Maria Garrido Ramos

2019-06-17T17:38:20+02:00Mon, 17th Jun '19, 17:38| For more than twenty years, I worked for the government of my country; specifically in the town hall of a large municipality located next to the city of Madrid, in Spain. I loved my job, I was a public employee by vocation. Around the year 2007, they began to pressure me to sign illegal [...]

The Soho saga

2019-06-17T09:23:11+02:00Mon, 17th Jun '19, 09:23|

Adrian Delia is facing a fresh set of allegations. This time he is accused of lying about authentic signatures of his having been falsified, effectively framing his predecessor’s sister for a crime no one has committed. They’re allegations, yes. And they’re made by his former business partner, Kris Bajada, whose credentials are, at best, dubious. [...]

Ivan Fenech’s principles

2019-06-17T08:48:54+02:00Mon, 17th Jun '19, 08:48|

Many people who were touched in their lives by Ivan Fenech, former Deputy Editor of Times of Malta who died after a sudden illness last week, remarked on how impressed they were by his commitment to his principles. Ivan Fenech was not swayed by crowds. He did not hop on to bandwagons. He argued his [...]

Repubblika backs Graffitti’s anti-developers dictatorship demo

2019-06-17T15:57:10+02:00Mon, 17th Jun '19, 07:58|

Repubblika statement today: Repubblika expresses its support for the protest being organised by Moviment Graffitti on Tuesday 18th June in Pieta’, starting from St Luke’s Hospital at 6 pm and proceeding towards the Malta Developers’ Association offices. Repubblika agrees with Moviment Graffitti that developers do as they please all over Malta, to the detriment of [...]

How would you like your eggs, Mr Burns?

2019-06-17T07:52:35+02:00Mon, 17th Jun '19, 07:52|

Maurice Mizzi is no longer the guardian of future generations. That’s neither here nor there. Although he had an appointment letter signed by Jose Herrera that said he was, I didn’t see him guarding anything. A wealthy man with nothing better to do than inflict the excess of his time on the rest of us [...]

#occupyjustice asks visiting leaders: Have you read the Council of Europe report?

2019-06-14T19:46:20+02:00Fri, 14th Jun '19, 19:46|

Statement by #occupyjustice after their action in Valletta today. Have You Read the CoE Report? A number of #occupyjustice activists today gathered around Castille square while the Press Conference for the 6th South EU Summit was being held. The summit was attended by Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of France; Mr Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of [...]

Erin Tanti, I think you got off lightly

2019-06-14T19:40:54+02:00Fri, 14th Jun '19, 19:40|

Intuitive reactions are uninformed and thankfully not the way people are judged for crimes they are convicted of. I respect that. Nor am I the ‘lock-him-up-and-throw-away-the-key’ sort of guy. But let’s face it. Erin Tanti admitted his guilt on a charge of murder which is punishable by up to life in prison. He also pleaded [...]

Comical Ali and the Mosta and Paola resolutions

2019-06-14T18:50:25+02:00Fri, 14th Jun '19, 18:50|

The PN's sectional committees in Mosta and Paola issued declarations that are highly critical of the headquarters of the party demanding that instead of trying to explain away the recent electoral losses, party elders should be assuming responsibility for their failures. They follow the more urgent clamour from the Gozitan party activists who went ballistic [...]

GUEST POST: The Fall of the House of …*

2019-06-14T18:20:06+02:00Fri, 14th Jun '19, 18:20|

The piece is written by a regular contributor who has adopted the identity of Tyndareus and apologises to Edgar Allan Poe for the heading. Some would say that you cannot expect a snake other than to hiss and slither. That is his nature. So even though the situation is dire and most did not expect [...]

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