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Three line whip

2017-07-14T10:47:47+02:00Fri, 14th Jul '17, 10:47|

In Westminster whips hand out to their party colleagues the agenda of the following week’s parliamentary business highlighting the expected ‘divisions’ or votes expected that week. Not all votes are equally important. The ranking of the importance for the party is illustrated simply by how many times the agenda item is underlined. One line and [...]

SmartCity: Developers almost say it how it is

2017-07-13T15:45:13+02:00Thu, 13th Jul '17, 15:44|

See this report of the Developers’ Association’s statement on what’s going on in SmartCity. The gist of it is that it was ok for government to transfer land to a developer (the Emirati owners of SmartCity) to build a job-creating business park. It was even tolerable to accept that some of that land would be [...]

WATCH: Smart Labour

2017-07-14T14:52:23+02:00Wed, 12th Jul '17, 16:06|

My successor as government-appointed Director of SmartCity Malta is Keith Schembri, the man at the centre of this government and at the centre of its worst corrupt excesses. He took over from me as Director in 2013. The brief I was given when I was appointed Director by the Gonzi administration in 2008 was to [...]

Still Smart?

2017-07-12T09:06:12+02:00Wed, 12th Jul '17, 09:06|

The SmartCity developers are seeking approval to change the Master Plan approved in 2007 on which the whole development is supposed to be based. They are looking to get approval for denser residential development with taller buildings abutting the shoreline. I am not going to make an environmental argument. For one I should expect many [...]

A Clockwork Orange

2017-07-11T08:40:30+02:00Tue, 11th Jul '17, 08:40|

Read this report of yesterday’s question time in Parliament where opposition MPs pressed the government to explain why a clean criminal record was no longer a requirement to join the police corps and be promoted within it. Police Minister Michael Farrugia, not famous for his senatorial debating capabilities, stammered and spluttered in the vain attempt [...]

Uncharted waters

2017-07-10T15:56:57+02:00Mon, 10th Jul '17, 15:50|

The system of electing the new PN leader is a child of political optimism. The idea clearly is to broaden suffrage in order to create a bond between new leader and a wider community of the led. As of her first day at the job the leader is not only legitimised by the support of [...]

Crowd planting

2017-07-14T14:54:26+02:00Fri, 7th Jul '17, 09:55|

How many fresh switchers does it take to plant seedlings on the verge? This chain-gang scene from the 1930s dust-bowl was seen this morning in Ħal Luqa. It is becoming an increasingly common sight. It is comforting to know that as employers struggle to find productive labour without having to import it, they will have [...]

Another lawyer on poorly drafted laws

2017-07-09T21:50:03+02:00Thu, 6th Jul '17, 16:00|

Justin Borg Barthet a few days ago wrote a guest post on this website criticising the quality of the drafting of the Marriage Equality law approved through its second reading by Parliament yesterday.He did not discuss the merits of whether marriage equality was right or wrong. (Like me he is a supporter of the notion). He [...]

Politics of good sense

2017-07-14T14:55:13+02:00Thu, 6th Jul '17, 13:45|

Joseph Muscat lays traps because that is how he plays his games. But that doesn’t mean the PN will fall for them. It was a very disappointed prime minister yesterday who stood up to face an Opposition that proved to be not quite as gullible as he thought they would be. It is clear the [...]

Amateur Land

2017-07-09T21:49:54+02:00Tue, 4th Jul '17, 11:20|

Since 2013 I’ve been out of my original line of work – politics – and have done various jobs here and there trying to grow new feet in my dotage. For some time I taught history (under the contemporary guise of ‘European Studies’) in a secondary school. The experience was more rewarding for me than [...]

The Ringmaster

2017-07-09T21:49:54+02:00Mon, 3rd Jul '17, 01:59|

It is a month to the day since the last election and it feels like it could have been years.The ability of Joseph Muscat to determine and manipulate the national agenda has been proven less by his confirmation at the polls and more by how he has again managed to dip the PN’s tail in [...]

No such thing as a barred vote

2017-07-09T21:49:55+02:00Sat, 1st Jul '17, 18:06|

Precisely as Joseph Muscat intended it to be, the gender equality vote is proving to be a dusty hairball in the PN parliamentary group’s collective throat. This sort of thing tends to happen with weak leadership. Right now the PN is led by a lame duck with its guts flowing out of its mid-action seppuku. [...]

The race ahead

2017-07-09T21:49:57+02:00Thu, 29th Jun '17, 13:12|

The field of candidates is starting to take shape.From within the parliamentary group, Chris Said has come forward and at least one other may be getting ready to step up. Claudio Grech keeps being mentioned, one should think not merely because of wishful thinking. From among the party officials, Alex Perici Calascione is publicly flirting [...]

It ain’t me

2017-07-09T21:50:03+02:00Wed, 28th Jun '17, 20:41|

I am not a lawyer, nor is one of my names Adrian, and this blog is not a coy bid at the leadership of the Nationalist Party. I started this blog because as an ex-journalist, ex-civil servant and ex-would be politician, it’s the only way I know how to let off steam.I have a cousin, [...]

Poorly written laws

2017-07-09T21:50:03+02:00Tue, 27th Jun '17, 22:16|

Read this guest post by expert lawyer Justin Borg Barthet on the Marriage Equality Bill.While a silly debate between ayatollahs rages on, on whether the law should speak of mothers or birth-givers to avoid offence, the real issue most have not noticed is the pathetic poverty of the making of this law and many others. Otto [...]

GUEST POST: On the New Marriage Equality Law

2017-07-09T21:49:59+02:00Tue, 27th Jun '17, 21:34|

This Guest Post is by Justin Borg Barthet, a lecturer in law at the University of Aberdeen. Dr Borg-Barthet has published work on cross-border recognition of same-sex relationships, and has been commissioned by the European Parliament to advise on the reform of divorce jurisdiction.Through the Marriage Equality Bill, Malta joins a small group of European nations [...]

Financial Services: Corking a punctured barrel

2017-07-09T21:50:00+02:00Tue, 27th Jun '17, 13:49|

Think of a barrel of whiskey with a corked hole at its bottom. It is water-tight and holds the whiskey inside, for years if it needs to. As long as the cork holds. That is its weakest point that may hold for decades or give at any moment and let all the whiskey gush out [...]

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