Verses sent in by Sean who is known to me:

Numbers are allowing for this validation,
A constant tallying of national falsification.

Championing through daily rights for civil liberty,
Whilst enabling the degradation of moral purity.

Pumping stations will fuel this egoistic vanity,
Trees mortgaged to satisfy our Dubai fantasy.

A country where men can walk hand in hand,
As journalists’ limbs scatter the land.

A murdered prisoner’s words forever will haunt,
As we marry and freeze those who we want.

Purchasing gas from comrades in Azerbaijan,
Facilitating this laundering through banks from Iran.

Innocent bags exiting banks in midnight habits,
Obvious priority lies in the munching of rabbits.

We plough our heritage instead of our land,
We sit on fresh concrete instead of the sand.

No one dare questions the powers that be,
Forpermits or jobs or money can quieten me.

A nation constantly living in a divided paradox,
How can half be euphoric and half in fort Knox?

Surplus through the sale of land and identity.
Utopia for all, unless you question objectively.

More buildings for all, bigger, and tall,
Freedom for none without justice for one.

But let us conform and forget our reform,
Impunity and silence are the new social norm.

Enough people are allowing this situation,
Unitedly denying the palpable desperation.