Why does Malta’s Brussels embassy need a full-time photographer assigned to it? Normally you’d think it wouldn’t. But you would make an exception for the 6-month rotating Presidency when the calendar of photo-ops is busier than usual and hiring in freelancers might prove more expensive than giving someone a 6-month contract.

That is what Dar Malta in Brussels did in 2017. They hired Ray Attard. He seems to have been hand-picked presumably for his superlative and unparalleled photographic skills. The fact he worked for l-orizzont for many years may or may not have been relevant.

The assignment was supposed to have been temporary and to expire by the end of Malta’s presidency in June last year.

But Ray Attard appears to find the weather in Brussels agreeable and he’s busy taking photos of the front door of the Embassy whilst working as a full-time expat photographer there.