TVM’s limited view: who’s checking?

2018-07-12T16:34:57+02:00Thu, 12th Jul '18, 16:34|

The Malta Independent is right to raise the alert here about TVM ignoring the European Banking Authority’s statement that the FIAU allowed Malta’s financial system to serve crime. The fact that TVM went on to report the FIAU’s puerile reply is just the sort of idiotic bias we expect. But though we expect this sort [...]

Jonathan Ferris must be compensated

2018-07-12T09:35:17+02:00Thu, 12th Jul '18, 09:35|

The findings of the European Banking Authority that ruled the FIAU broke the laws that give it its responsibility to prevent the use of the financial system to serve crime, independently confirm Jonathan Ferris’s case. Jonathan Ferris worked at the FIAU for a few months before he was fired from his job. It was when [...]

Constitutional Court finds Judge Antonio Mizzi’s refusal to recuse himself from hearing the Panama Papers appeal breaches Simon Busuttil’s rights: which means your rights

2018-07-12T09:29:29+02:00Thu, 12th Jul '18, 09:27|

The Constitutional Court today found that Antonio Mizzi's refusal to recuse himself from hearing Joseph Muscat's appeal from a court order to have him and the Panama Gang investigated by the police is a breach of Simon Busuttil's fundamental rights. Simon Busuttil comes into this because he filed the complaint to the court that the [...]

Silence falls

2018-07-12T07:26:27+02:00Thu, 12th Jul '18, 07:26|

The government has not yet reacted to a European Banking Agency report that Malta’s FIAU broke EU law on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing. There’s obviously an FIAU Press Release, a pathetic excuse at a response expressing ‘disappointment’ in the EBA’s decision [...]


2018-07-11T10:08:44+02:00Wed, 11th Jul '18, 10:08|

This is from Nickie Vella de Fremaux's public Facebook page. From two days ago.   Starved but not hungry. What of? Attention? Air? Abiogenesis? Madam you're in the big league now. Try to act the part.

Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

2018-07-10T18:03:44+02:00Tue, 10th Jul '18, 18:03|

I suppose, for some, a football World Cup with England in the final four and Italy outside the starting 36 is enough evidence of civilisational collapse. But even thinking that is like starting a funereal eulogy with a joke and getting no chuckles.  Even in the glory of summer, the free flowing beer, the football, [...]

G Leone Ganado: What’s a PEP?

2018-07-10T06:18:05+02:00Tue, 10th Jul '18, 06:18|

Godfrey Leone Ganado here reacts to the government's appeal from a court order to have Justine Caruana's husband, Silvio Valletta, run the investigation, such as it is, into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The first court ruled Silvio Valletta is "politically exposed" which is a polite way of saying he sleeps with someone who is heavy invested in the [...]

Hey Saviour, I’m back!

2018-07-09T18:26:32+02:00Mon, 9th Jul '18, 18:26|

Saviour Balzan appears to have missed me while I was away. In an unsigned piece on Illum of a couple of Sundays ago he expressed his anguish that he wasn't seeing new posts on this website. Must have been a long couple of weeks for him. Really one finds one has admirers in the unlikeliest [...]

Covering stab wounds

2018-07-09T18:05:08+02:00Mon, 9th Jul '18, 18:05|

This The Malta Independent editorial is exasperated with PN media coverage. It compares it to propaganda from Russian communist times which is fair to say is not intended as praise. Now the PN has had its own media for many decades. Its newspapers have distributed the party’s voice and never pretended to be anything but [...]

GUEST POST: A fool’s paradise

2018-07-09T09:31:13+02:00Mon, 9th Jul '18, 09:31|

Sent in a few days ago. Written by someone known to me: Some days I awake to thoughts of  "what would it have been like had the Mossack Fonseca servers not been hacked?"  Imagine. 17 Black, Hearnville, Tillgate and Egrant would have no meaning, no import, nada, exacto nada.  Panama would have remained that distant [...]

Saved from the waters

2018-07-09T06:10:53+02:00Sun, 8th Jul '18, 20:35|

Yes she after all might mean well, though we’re entitled to doubt that. But there has never been a more insensitive time for the prime minister’s wife to go on a swim and take with her enough security detail and press cameras to launch a new lunar landing. We now have a very complicated relationship [...]

Keep your trousers on

2018-07-08T08:53:46+02:00Sun, 8th Jul '18, 08:53|

I’m not sure if Joseph Muscat is into historical analogies but when people go into Napoleonic psychosis they do tend to twist little details they remember from their history and transform them into prophesies predicting their own glory. Either because of that or because Joseph Muscat has been having a special sort of dream at [...]

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