Paper trail anyone?

2018-07-25T19:41:09+02:00Wed, 25th Jul '18, 19:41|

Rhetorical question alert. Are reconstituted versions of the shreds in these bags left outside the Nexia BT offices in March 2016 around the time we first heard of Egrant part of the missing 1450 pages of the inquiry report? Perhaps Kasco Ltd helped the Magistrate sellotape the strands back after they collected the bags that [...]

AG tells Adrian Delia he won’t let him see the Egrant report

2018-07-26T08:41:00+02:00Wed, 25th Jul '18, 18:17|

The Attorney General has turned down Adrian Delia’s request to see Aaron Bugeja’s inquiry report on Egrant in full. Quite apart from the fact that this underlines the absurd haste with which Adrian Delia bought into Joseph Muscat’s interpretation of things while he was being denied and is still being denied access to the facts. [...]

GUEST POST: Still a fool’s paradise

2018-07-26T08:42:32+02:00Wed, 25th Jul '18, 17:41|

The author of this piece has been on this website before. Here's the link to his first commentary. And here's his comment today: Still a Fool's Paradise This morning I awoke with the thought of accepting for one moment that the Prime Minister was a totally honourable man who truly had no intention of being [...]

Operación Canadá: Here’s an episode of tax fraud Jacqueline Alexander was involved in when working at Mossack Fonseca

2018-07-25T17:00:43+02:00Wed, 25th Jul '18, 16:59|

Remember how many stories were planted all over the place on Maria Efimova to discredit her as a witness and turned out to be false? Do you remember the prime minister himself saying she was likely a spy for the Russian secret service working on their behalf to destabilise the government and the country? And [...]


2018-07-25T16:39:21+02:00Wed, 25th Jul '18, 16:34|

That’s a word in Japanese that is also the title of an early Akira Kurosawa. If you haven't learnt this about me yet, you should know I allow people to make fun of me at parties because I watch black-and-white movies with subtitles. Kurosawa's Rashomon tells the story of a rape and murder from the [...]

GUEST POST: Take your fight elsewhere …

2018-07-25T15:50:44+02:00Wed, 25th Jul '18, 15:50|

As I often repeat, this website is open to the contributions of people who have different views from mine, as long as expressed with decency and there is some compelling logic to them. The below was sent in by someone known to me but who must, for professional reasons, remain anonymous. I'm not sure his [...]

Jacqueline Alexander’s signature

2018-07-25T15:53:31+02:00Wed, 25th Jul '18, 15:44|

Yesterday I uploaded a French TV video of a journalistic investigation in Panama into the hired directors on companies registered in Panama by Mossack Fonseca. That documentary focused on Laetitia Montoya when of course the name at the heart of the Egrant inquiry is Jacqueline Alexander. Here's a Spanish TV feature investigating the practice of signatures-for-hire [...]

The Shift News analyse the ‘fake signature’ spin

2018-07-25T15:20:11+02:00Wed, 25th Jul '18, 11:00|

You're not going to get this from the mainstream media for a while. And you're definitely not going to get it from the party political stations: both of them. Both parties, working on the same agenda, are propagating the idea that no one can speak about the little we have seen of the Egrant inquiry. [...]

Marion Pace Asciak: This is not the PN I have always loved

2018-07-24T19:40:46+02:00Tue, 24th Jul '18, 19:40|

This was sent in earlier today by Marion Pace Asciak, respected veteran PN stalwart of many years. I am an ex MNPN president, an ex PN administrative council member and an ex executive council member. I have formed part of the PN for decades and I have worked with Party leaders Eddie Fenech Adami, Lawrence [...]

Whose signature is on the certificate?

2018-07-24T17:27:04+02:00Tue, 24th Jul '18, 17:23|

Companies are formed by certificates of incorporation. Laws vary from one country to the other but the principle is that these documents that constitute a company are signed by at least one of its directors and filed with the registry office in the country where the company is set up. The certificate normally gives the [...]

You’re greater than the party

2018-07-24T17:33:45+02:00Tue, 24th Jul '18, 12:04|

Everyone’s greater than the party. This notion that the party is greater than anyone is a pre-modern residue that must be dispensed with if we are to ever become a modern democracy. We must outgrow even the ambition of forcing hypocrisy on people as a matter of course. Some greats of the Nationalist Party reminded [...]

The fog of war

2018-07-25T15:36:57+02:00Tue, 24th Jul '18, 07:50|

No two ways about it: it’s a tough time to be standing up for what is right. The might of the axis that supports Joseph Muscat’s power is greater than it’s ever been and the noise out there silences most people who would otherwise speak out against it. Yesterday David Casa published a leaked FIAU [...]

FIAU says David Casa must be punished

2018-07-23T19:40:19+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 19:38|

The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, that has just been heavily admonished by the European Banking Authority as a joke and a poor excuse for a law enforcement agency, has threatened David Casa with criminal action. Ladies and gentlemen, we can no longer say this is fascism without the goose-steps. A government statement is now dangling [...]

Innocent as fuck

2018-07-23T16:14:26+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 16:08|

Here Adrian Delia. Sit back and watch your mate gloat. Konrad Mizzi made a brief ‘address to the nation’ on the official Tourism Ministry to lie and smiling while he lies. He says the inquiry spoken about by the prime minister — and not yet published — exonerated him and shows up that what Daphne [...]

Not so unanimous after all

2018-07-23T15:44:02+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 15:42|

Members present and voting at yesterday's administrative council of the PN supported Adrian Delia's decision to fire Simon Busuttil. But two members were absent one out of protest. Both made public statements to clarify they are opposed to the decision to dismiss Simon Busuttil. Here's Graham Bencini: And here's Mario Rizzo Naudi:   In the [...]

Getting in line

2018-07-23T14:35:47+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 14:33|

So far 7 MPs have declared their support for Adrian Delia's decision to fire Simon Busuttil. And 9 have declared their opposition to the idea saying the decision is not being taken in their name. Ten MPs have not yet declared themselves. The latest to join the dissenters objecting to the dismissal of Simon Busuttil [...]

Former PN President: I will vote against motion to remove Simon Busuttil

2018-07-23T12:26:54+02:00Mon, 23rd Jul '18, 12:26|

Paula Mifsud Bonnici makes an interesting point. If Simon Busuttil has to resign for asking Joseph Muscat to give account of the corruption his government was and is mired in, then the entire Nationalist Party should. Including many in yesterday's administrative council meeting who called for Simon Busuttil to leave. After all, and this appears [...]

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