Free speech NGOs ask MPs to back CoE resolution on rule of law in Malta and Daphne Caruana Galizia public inquiry

2019-05-28T19:17:49+02:00Tue, 28th May '19, 15:32|

International Free Speech NGOs have warned Maltese MPs at the Council of Europe not to try to divert attention from an important report looking into the context and the aftermath of the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia by seeking to discredit its author. The letter signed by Reporters without Borders, Article19, the European Federation of [...]

GUEST POST: Former PN strategist breaks down some numbers

2019-05-28T15:06:30+02:00Tue, 28th May '19, 15:06|

The Guest Post is written by a former senior PN official known to me. He's younger than you suspect and more experienced than he lets on. The MEP elections have come and gone. Unlike previous elections, I sat this one out. I missed spending hours on end at the Party's headquarters working within ELCOM and [...]

Prime Minister appeals case against Repubblika he had already said he won

2019-05-28T14:47:41+02:00Tue, 28th May '19, 14:47|

In spite of all the celebrations by Joseph Muscat and his crew that Repubblika’s case in the upper courts demanding judicial review of the government’s manner of appointing judges and infringing on judicial independence was dismissed out of hand, the Attorney General today has asked for leave to appeal the Court’s real decision to achieve [...]

Nobody panic

2019-05-28T11:23:32+02:00Tue, 28th May '19, 11:16|

This morning I saw a post on Times of Malta's Facebook page by 'Pierre Portelli' advising PN leaders, partisans, supporters and voters to "stand up and panic". I was too focused on finding the right quip to remember there are two Pierre Portellis in the inner workings of the PN and the one writing this [...]

Not feeling the heat yet?

2019-05-27T18:27:46+02:00Mon, 27th May '19, 18:27|

Adrian Delia has held tight through crises of his leadership in the nineteen months he’s been the leader of the PN. He’s hardly done anything else. Things have been so generally rough for him, he recently appraised the state of health of his leadership by saying, rather forlornly, that he didn’t have to worry about [...]

A little myth busting

2019-05-27T17:24:19+02:00Mon, 27th May '19, 17:24|

  Joseph Muscat yesterday claimed he had achieved the largest Labour Party majority in the history of his party specifically mentioning having beaten Sir Paul Boffa's previous record. That was before he needed to revise down his party's estimate of the extent of the voting majority his party obtained. But even before that happened Joseph [...]

This is a challenge for the leadership of the PN

2019-05-27T15:23:40+02:00Mon, 27th May '19, 15:23|

Alex Perici Calascione ran for PN leader with Frank Portelli, Chris Said and Adrian Delia. He came third in that campaign. Both for winners and losers leadership campaigns can raise the stature of participants and not all that thrown in the hat fancy their chances of winning. They hope however that their dignity, their presence [...]

GUESTPOST: Muscat’s popularity is shrinking

2019-05-27T15:09:45+02:00Mon, 27th May '19, 14:49|

This guest post takes a cold hard look at the numbers after the votes have been counted, and not the 'projections' that Joseph Muscat based his auto-canonisation on. Here's one myth busted by a contributor known to me. We have some more bad news for Muscat. His popularity is shrinking. My analysis is a number-crunching [...]

She wasn’t far off. She never was.

2019-05-26T21:48:55+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 21:48|

As we turn our attention from the fascist, populist megalomaniacs marching over our Maltese democracy to the fascist, populist megalomaniacs marching all over Europe with the other results in the UK, France, Italy, Hungary and so on, I leave you with one last thought about today's results in Malta. Adrian Delia became leader of the [...]

“This is not Malta,” they said

2019-05-26T20:51:40+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 20:51|

When a father of three was killed in cold blood merely for being where he was when two armed terrorists ran out of cats to torture, our leaders comforted our conscience by saying the racist killings of innocent people is not Malta. Go ask it to 15,000 holocaust denying, baby-killing, Hitler-worshiping bigots who voted Norman [...]

Plus ça change

2019-05-26T18:51:05+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 18:51|

It’s bad form to be self-referential but I do so in the humble recognition of the fact that writing this morning’s The Sunday Times article ahead of the polling stations opening for business did not require any particular gift of foresight. The result was almost a foregone conclusion. There was a brief moment there when [...]

They think it’s all over

2019-05-26T16:03:22+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 16:03|

Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri -- and Joseph Muscat -- have hoped for an electoral outcome that buries those who expose their corruption and crime since Daphne Caruana Galizia discovered what they did in Panama. A lot has happened in that time that would convince them for a while they have found liberation from the [...]

Fine tuning indeed

2019-05-26T15:57:43+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 15:57|

‘A little fine tuning’ is what Clyde Puli said the PN needs now. Yeah. A little light dusting and this ship can occupy this spot on the bottom of the Atlantic for another generation. That it’s an unenviable, maddeningly difficult job to put on a brave face in the depths of disaster is granted. There [...]

Apparatchiks Numbers Five and Six

2019-05-26T11:13:11+02:00Sun, 26th May '19, 10:40|

Robert Musumeci left the TVM’s studios with what he must think is his killing quip. The PN is paying the price for “a blog for 10 years that destroyed people”. After all this time that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a car bomb, they still can’t bring themselves to say her name. But they [...]

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