Repubblika: Government lied twice in a single statement

2019-05-22T12:56:05+02:00Wed, 22nd May '19, 11:35|

Repubblika statement Repubblika refers to the government's official statement 191133. It is worrying though unsurprising that the government published statements that include lies on facts. Firstly, the today's court case does not belong to Simon Busuttil and Jason Azzopardi ... inasmuch as it does not belong to Peter Grech and Victoria Buttigieg. Lawyers for parties [...]

Repubblika has legal right to claim appointment of judges in breach of EU law. Case will be heard – Court

2019-05-22T09:22:24+02:00Wed, 22nd May '19, 09:21|

The First Hall of the Civil Court presided by Judge Mark Chetcuti, today rejected the government’s claim that Repubblika has no legal standing in arguing that the government should not be appointing judges and magistrates without reforming the judicial appointments system. The Court found that Repubblika was eligible to make this claim under the Charter [...]

Malta’s constitutional reform must be “transparent, inclusive” CoE draft resolution warns

2019-05-22T08:00:16+02:00Wed, 22nd May '19, 07:57|

A draft Council of Europe resolution due for approval in its Parliamentary Assembly before the summer calls for reforms in Malta’ constitutional framework to be conducted through an “open, widely inclusive and transparent process.” The draft resolution is based on findings of a draft report that criticises Malta’s government and opposition for conducting their ongoing [...]

MONEY MAGAZINE: A new dawn will rise

2019-05-22T07:20:00+02:00Wed, 22nd May '19, 07:20|

My article in this month's Money Magazine: A new dawn will rise At the end of every long night, a new dawn rises. A new dawn must rise over the long, cold night of inadequacy that we shiver under. It may need to get worse before it gets better, but the symptoms of terminal crisis [...]

GUEST POST: We’re off

2019-05-22T07:07:27+02:00Wed, 22nd May '19, 07:07|

Sent in by someone known to me. When I read the article by Adam Zarb-Cousin I could only empathise. And my reaction to his article is: 'Do not return to Malta'. People are being bullied out of their homes and not only, even the country. My husband and I returned from Europe 6 years ago. [...]

Unsustainable irony

2019-05-21T13:47:42+02:00Tue, 21st May '19, 13:47|

A listener on a Rai radio show today wrote in to remark on the irony of the EU awarding Malta a prize for sustainable development when Malta’s economic development appears to rely on the unsustainable sale of European citizenship to crooks and oligarchs from around the world. The show was today’s edition of Radio Tre [...]

Joseph Muscat “in contempt of the courts” – draft CoE report. Draft resolution calls for freeze on judicial appointments

2019-05-21T12:49:38+02:00Tue, 21st May '19, 12:49|

A draft report to be discussed next week by the Council of Europe’s Legal Affairs Committee finds that the rushed appointment of three new Magistrates and three promoted Judges just days before Repubblika’s case against the government was due to be heard “shows contempt for the courts and is entirely at odds with the Prime [...]

The case for the defense

2019-05-21T12:36:15+02:00Tue, 21st May '19, 12:36|

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has received a draft report from one of its own that it has commissioned to understand the context of the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia and what happened in Malta since then. The report will be discussed before the Assembly’s summer recess and will be accompanied by [...]

The murder of an innocent man and the government cover-up

2019-05-21T10:07:14+02:00Tue, 21st May '19, 10:07|

The headline of today’s Times of Malta screams the government spin that they’re treating the murder of Lassana Cisse with the seriousness it deserves. They are but not for the reasons they profess. They are doing so because they realise they bear direct, political responsibility that in a functioning democracy would have had them kicked [...]

Hatemongers pursuivant

2019-05-20T17:14:26+02:00Mon, 20th May '19, 17:14|

Sundry bigots, racists, holocaust deniers, Nazi-sympathisers and self-described patriots are on my Facebook page saying I’m spreading hate with my posts criticising them. They say they’re not the ones spreading hate speech, I am. I don’t criticise them for their speech as much as for their ideas. Although words are the tools of my trade, [...]

GUEST POST: Heartbroken

2019-05-20T09:48:46+02:00Mon, 20th May '19, 09:48|

The author is a Maltese-American who has contributed guest-posts to this website in the past. Malta f’qalbi, imma qalbi miksura I can only hope these words find their way to an understanding heart. It’s a tall order in today’s world it seems. Most things written or stated are viewed through a lens of preference and [...]


2019-05-20T09:04:36+02:00Mon, 20th May '19, 09:04|

Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia yesterday spoke about racist discourse as if others had done it. I despise everything the Norman Lowells and the Patriotti of this world stand for. Norman Lowell openly denies the holocaust. He speaks about killing people in a way most people would feel awkward recommending leaving poison for rats. The [...]

They turned the guns we gave them on us

2019-05-18T18:55:34+02:00Sat, 18th May '19, 18:55|

Let’s start with the facts. At least the facts as have been told to us so far. Two soldiers shot dead a black man they did not know. One of them said the reason was the man was black. That’s it. We are being told, by the President no less, to stay calm and not [...]

GUEST SERIES: Malta politics, past, present and future (13)

2019-05-07T08:20:20+02:00Fri, 17th May '19, 17:38|

Continues from yesterday's article on 'Malta's Joan of Arc'. This is the concluding article of this series. Part 7: Daphne's column Labour will self destruct. And when it does, the country will collapse with it. Labours fanatical policy of l’état c’est moi is the perfect recipe for that dénouement. Mintoffianism’s defeat left the country in [...]

Court denies 3 Ministers’ request for 2 months extension to reply on hospitals inquiry

2019-05-17T14:54:01+02:00Fri, 17th May '19, 14:54|

Edward Scicluna, Chris Cardona and Konrad Mizzi have asked the court for more time before they can comment on Repubblika’s request for an inquiry to start into alleged corruption and money-laundering connected with the hospitals scandal. Though they predictably dismissed the application filed by Repubblika as “mere speculation” they proceed to complain the report was [...]

Press Freedom interview on Radio Uno

2019-05-17T14:36:05+02:00Fri, 17th May '19, 14:36|

I gave this brief radio interview (in Italian) a few days ago with Rai Radio Uno's morning news magazine during a gathering of journalists in central Rome marking World Press Freedom Day. Click here to listen.

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