LONG READ: Shocked but not surprised

2020-06-22T08:38:36+02:00Sun, 21st Jun '20, 07:53|

Few people believed Joseph Muscat was innocent of all that went on around him. When he refused to fire Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri in 2016 when they got caught with Panama companies, he gave everyone a clear hint that he was up to his neck in it. We didn’t know what “it” was. We [...]

Lying, stealing scum

2020-06-20T01:21:05+02:00Fri, 19th Jun '20, 15:49|

Reuters and Times of Malta have provided details of the Montenegro swindle where money belonging to Enemalta Corporation (that’s you, me and every tax payer and electricity consumer in Malta) made its way to the pockets of Yorgen Fenech, Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi and an accomplice from Azerbaijan. The puzzle is complicated. Intentionally. It was [...]

When crooks make national policy

2020-06-19T08:48:34+02:00Fri, 19th Jun '20, 08:48|

Recall this The Shift News story about Lionel Gerada, a small time DJ who shot to fame screaming Joseph Muscat’s name at Labour mass meetings. “Joseph! Joseph!” Such fun. He canvassed for Konrad Mizzi who contested the district. Crooks recognise each other from a mile away and an alliance formed between these two. Lionel Gerada [...]

GUEST POST: Reflections on the Egrant Inquiry (6)

2020-06-18T13:39:31+02:00Thu, 18th Jun '20, 13:39|

 In this article, I intend to further support with more documentary proof my assertion that Magistrate (now Judge) Aaron Bugeja was absolutely wrong in concluding that the declarations of trust of Egrant, as published by Daphne Caruana Galizia and as presented by Pierre Portelli, were “falsified” or “fabricated”. The unknown and alleged forgers of these [...]

Henley & Partners opening Nigeria branch to retail passports

2020-06-18T13:29:59+02:00Thu, 18th Jun '20, 13:29|

Nigerian financial website Nairametrics reported that Henley & Partners are opening an office in Lagos to offer its passports to people living there. Lagos is an economic powerhouse reputed to have the most millionaire residents in Africa. Nairametrics has no doubt about what kind of Nigerians will benefit from these offers. Buying passports “has become [...]

This cloud is darker than that

2020-06-18T12:21:16+02:00Thu, 18th Jun '20, 12:21|

The Nationalist Party issued a short and sweet statement yesterday after what Melvyn Theuma said in court in the morning. “With reference to testimony given today in Court, the Nationalist Party makes it clear it has never received any offer, much less a payment, to undermine the candidature of any one of its candidates for [...]


2020-06-17T14:37:18+02:00Wed, 17th Jun '20, 13:01|

Melvyn Theuma made a reference to something during his testimony today to the public inquiry into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia that the judges did not delve deeper in. I think we should. Here’s from the Times of Malta’s live blog on what was said: “(Melvyn Theuma) recalls (Yorgen) Fenech mentions [MEP] David Casa [...]

GUEST POST: The island of impunity

2020-06-17T19:14:22+02:00Wed, 17th Jun '20, 10:28|

“What I fear most is power with impunity. I fear abuse of power, and the power to abuse.” - Isabel Allende Every time Labour is in government there is a common peculiarity. Malta becomes an island of impunity: individuals and or groups of individuals become untouchable, whatever their criminal or corrupt actions are. In the [...]


2020-06-17T09:06:09+02:00Wed, 17th Jun '20, 09:06|

Anġlu Farrugia, that congenital idiot who used to be worth less than his moustache until even that walked away from him, came up with the most self-defeating explanation for refusing to name a room in the parliament building after Daphne Caruana Galizia, since he told his mother he shat in the soup bowl because he [...]

Will he? Won’t he?

2020-06-17T08:32:26+02:00Wed, 17th Jun '20, 08:32|

It would have been helpful if Robert Abela gained some experience running an organisation, any, before he took on his first government job ever, as prime minister and Labour Party leader. His handling of Chris Cardona is pathetic. If Robert Abela had spent some years as president of the village stamp collecting guild, or the [...]

Is Lawrence Cutajar lying, or just forgetful?

2020-06-16T12:56:13+02:00Tue, 16th Jun '20, 12:56|

Call me a pedant but I think this is relevant. Here's a question and answer from Ivan Martin's interview with Lawrence Cutajar: You are the commissioner under whose watch a journalist was assassinated. As the head of the police, you have a responsibility to ensure public safety. This assassination was one of the greatest disappointments [...]

GUEST POST: A nest of vipers

2020-06-15T11:39:56+02:00Tue, 16th Jun '20, 11:36|

I apologise to Andrea Camilleri. But ‘a nest of vipers’ is how many describe the Office of the Prime Minister during the corrupt administration of Joseph Muscat, who gained the title of the most corrupt person of the year in 2019. Muscat will be remembered in history as the most corrupt prime minister Malta ever [...]

In the footsteps of bent cops

2020-06-17T09:30:51+02:00Tue, 16th Jun '20, 11:34|

Lawrence Cutajar told us all who his role model and inspiration in the job of police commissioner would be weeks after he got the job. He held Christmas drinks at police headquarters sometime after his promotion to the top job and invited some of his predecessors. Prominently among them Lawrence Pullicino who had been convicted [...]

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