Ali Sadr is having his first taste of freedom after two months in lock-up in New York where he is indicted for multiple charges of bank fraud and sanctions busting.

The story was broken in Malta in a Matthew Vella report on Malta Today who had it confirmed by a member of Ali Sadr’s legal team. See the report here.

Lawyers for Hasheminejad presented a bail package worth around $34 million, including bonds from family, friends and colleagues worth almost $14 million. They said Hasheminejad would accept having travel restricted to New York, parts of Virginia, Maryland, and D.C., surrendering his passports, and even being subjected to electronic monitoring.

“Even Bernie Madoff, who had his own private jet and personal yacht, and was charged with a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, was granted bail on a $10 million bond a nightly curfew, and travel restricted to the tristate area,” Ali Sadr’s lawyers said.

The US Attorney argued strongly against bail in view of the gravity of the indictment which in case of maximum penalties on conviction could amount to a 125 years imprisonment. The US Attorney also argued that Ali Sadr’s access to wealth and resources makes him a considerable flight risk.