GUEST VERSES: Forgiveness

2019-11-26T08:01:09+01:00Tue, 26th Nov '19, 08:01|

By Spartacus Forgiveness I beseech you for forgiveness For the deeds that I have done, Some for revenge meted, And some were done for fun. I know you are interested In hearing all my tale; I’ll let you know a teeny bit So I won’t end up in jail. Of all my misdemeanours Of all [...]

Tonight’s protest

2019-11-25T21:39:53+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 21:39|

There were no speeches today. Just people shouting their anger in the rain. "Barra!" "Ġustizzja!" "Korrotti!" "Ħabs!" "Daphne kellha raġun!"

Unanimous confidence

2019-11-25T21:32:37+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 21:32|

It was disappointing but not surprising to see the Labour Party parliamentary group falling behind the great leader Joseph Muscat. What are they not seeing? Which bit are they not understanding? Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri were discovered three years ago by Daphne Caruana Galizia lining themselves up for $5,000 a day from Yorgen Fenech [...]

Judge asks European Court to decide on Repubblika’s judicial independence case urgently

2019-11-25T14:16:02+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 14:16|

Statement by Repubblika: A Maltese court referred Repubblika’s challenge to the power of Malta’s prime minister to choose judges and magistrates to the European Court of Justice. This is a very significant moment in judicial history. In Malta’s history as an EU member state this is only the fourth ever reference to the European Court [...]

Hey guys, flattery won’t get you anywhere

2019-11-25T12:34:10+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 12:34|

If my pots and pans were always empty maybe I'd look like that. Meantime, could be worse. I could look like Konrad Mizzi at Ivan Martin's microphone this morning. ‘Did you plan to receive kickbacks from a murder suspect @KonradMizzi?’ #DaphneCaruanaGalizia — Ivan Martin (@IvanMartin89) November 25, 2019 Go away indeed!

Chris Fearne replacing Joseph Muscat at iGaming conference

2019-11-25T12:20:46+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 12:20|

The SIGMA conference will no longer be opened by Joseph Muscat who is presumably otherwise occupied. He was due to open the conference on Wednesday with fanfare. The conference is being held in Ta' Qali though the annual industry awards are being held at the Hilton Hotel. This is a screenshot of the program that [...]

Yorgen Fenech’s email shows he was solicited to pay into Michelle Muscat’s charity

2019-11-25T10:11:26+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 10:11|

The inappropriateness of Michelle Muscat's "charity" role should not be in doubt though for some that don't see through the condescending Peronesque para-philantropy it is. The Times of Malta today revealed emails written by Yorgen Fenech about Electrogas in the aftermath of stories published by Daphne Caruana Galizia about cash issues at that company. The [...]

How dare you threaten me, pitiross?

2019-11-25T10:15:49+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 09:41|

Hey Neville Gafà, do you really think you can threaten me? I know I’ve been up your arse for a while. Your life got easier since Daphne was killed. You chased her down garden centres and cafés right till the day a bomb was put in her car. You must have smirked when you heard [...]

When silence breaks

2019-11-25T09:23:35+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 09:23|

Konrad Mizzi's fans are all over Evarist Bartolo now reminding him that he owes his re-election to Konrad Mizzi's genius. What do these guys drink? Ah yes. I think they call it Kool-Aid. A Coress (is that a real name?) Gouder from Paola, constituent and obviously a breathless supporter of Konrad Mizzi warns Evarist Bartolo [...]

Protesting with pots and pans

2019-11-25T08:43:59+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 08:43|

Almost thirty-five years ago women in Valletta marched in the streets complaining about poor water supply. Infrastructure was weak and water was rationed making life tough. Today water flows easy from our taps. But we have a different thirst. We thirst for justice. Tonight bring with you pots and pans. Make some noise. Call for [...]

GUEST POST: Where are all the young?

2019-11-25T08:46:56+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 08:41|

From a young woman known to me. I am a 26-year old Maltese professional, currently working abroad. Needless to say that right now, my Maltese pride has been quashed and I feel the need to deviate from questions asking where I’m from when meeting clients. As colleagues read the foreign news and ask me what’s [...]

When he clung to Keith Schembri

2019-11-25T08:30:34+01:00Mon, 25th Nov '19, 08:30|

On the eve of the 2017 election Joseph Muscat wanted to scare us all with the prospect of re-election of the PN to government. The context was a Saviour Balzan interview he was giving on TV where he's being challenged about retaining Keith Schembri. Lawrence Gonzi, Joseph Muscat reminds us, appointed a -- skużi -- [...]

GUEST POST: I will not settle for anything less

2019-11-24T19:08:10+01:00Sun, 24th Nov '19, 19:08|

Like you, I just want a credible and worthy government to sail Malta and Gozo out of these stormy waters. I want truth and justice. But oh, what a thorn I continue to be in the side of those who close blind eyes to wrongdoing. I have been asked many times not to divide the [...]

Not partisan at all

2019-11-25T12:25:34+01:00Sun, 24th Nov '19, 19:03|

BoV wrote to this website recently to insist everything is fine there. It was responding to my commentary on a Reuters story that an ECB dossier was distressed by how rotten things were at the Bank of Valletta. I said that situation is down to the partisan cronyism and tribalism at the BoV a bank [...]

Something else he said

2019-11-24T18:39:31+01:00Sun, 24th Nov '19, 18:39|

Let me take you back to 2011. Lawrence Gonzi is prime minister. His chief of staff is Edgar Galea Curmi. In case it needs recalling there was never a suggestion that Edgar Galea Curmi set up a company in Panama or wherever to receive money from the owner of a power station. Or whatever. Cyrus [...]

What she said

2019-11-24T17:17:14+01:00Sun, 24th Nov '19, 17:17|

This is a clip from the propaganda movies from 2013 when Joseph Muscat promised liberation from the tribal politics of the past and a new meritocratic nirvana where Malta would belong to all. "Malta Tagħna Lkoll". Here's Joseph Muscat's pride wife saying that she looked ahead to a time when her own children would be [...]

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