The below was a full-page advert taken out in the press today by Steward Health Care. The objective presumably was to inspire confidence in “the people behind Steward”. The only thing this managed to inspire is the suspicion that Steward people have multiple personality disorder or have discovered human cloning.

The 42 photos, with no names to go with, seem to show that there are many serious people backing Steward.

Five women and two men appear three times with the same photo. Four women and five men appear twice with the same photo. Only two women and one man appear once. The advert suggests the female cohort by far outweighs the male in Steward: 25 versus 17. In reality, they still do, but to a much lesser extent: 11 versus 8 – if all indeed are to be associated with Steward and are not hired models clad in borrowed scrubs.

Having repeatedly lived through international brands introduced to Malta with much fanfare and turning out to be complete jokes, this shoddy advert meant to raise the profile of this organisation here is seriously worrying. We can laugh in a corner when we hear of stories of complete chaos at the American University (that is neither American nor a University) or Pilatus Bank (that was as much a bank as the New York Police Department is a taxi service). After all they don’t directly affect us as clients.

But can you imagine the sinking feeling of being treated by a doctor you’ve already seen twice that morning but shows up like he’s never seen you before?