2022-09-12T11:04:53+02:00Mon, 12th Sep '22, 11:04|

European governments and their coast guards, including ours, have been telling themselves they’re not breaking any laws by ignoring distress calls from migrants stranded in our seas. The governments write the laws, which, to them, is convenient. I know many people write angrily on Facebook when news of people drowning or dying of thirst in [...]

No need to be rude

2022-09-13T08:22:17+02:00Mon, 12th Sep '22, 10:37|

I’m a republican. The notion of divine right, even when cited symbolically without an intention to be literal, is abhorrent to me. The idea that someone is qualified to do a job, any job, by being born to it, is as inimical to my understanding of the way things should be as original sin. The [...]

“So what?”

2022-09-13T08:21:31+02:00Mon, 12th Sep '22, 09:44|

On the eve of the 2017 election, called a year ahead of time officially because of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s reporting about evidence in the possession of Pilatus Bank that Joseph Muscat’s wife received illicit payments from Azerbaijan, Nadine Lia publicly spoke at a Labour Party event in the presence of Joseph Muscat. She trivialised the [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Konrad’s Miriam

2022-09-11T07:57:57+02:00Sun, 11th Sep '22, 07:57|

From my article in The Sunday Times: "Have you considered opening a restaurant? You only need Mizzi as your customer. Mizzi will promise to eat whatever you cook for him, good or bad. He promises to pay for it at a rate that makes you a profit, irrespective of whether next door someone is selling better [...]

The road to Lia

2022-09-09T13:57:21+02:00Fri, 9th Sep '22, 13:57|

The issue Repubblika has in court with Magistrate Nadine Lia has taken a disturbing turn. No one has the right to choose a judge to hear their case on the basis of whether they like them or they fancy their chances of getting a favourable decision out of them. But everyone has the right to [...]

Illusions of royalty

2022-09-07T10:09:30+02:00Wed, 7th Sep '22, 09:35|

I couldn’t care less if Joseph Muscat’s daughter makes it to the Hibernians first team. It’s a matter that concerns her and it should, I guess, concern her nearest and dearest. It’s not a matter of public interest. Nobody should care, even if she was the daughter of a prime minister, let alone a former [...]

Keeping Him busy

2022-09-06T10:37:39+02:00Tue, 6th Sep '22, 10:37|

The revelation of anything the government tries to hide is newsworthy. The Shift News publishing the security of supply agreement signed by Konrad Mizzi with Socar is another slammed and ring-bound pile of evidence in the case against Joseph Muscat’s government. But it’s still something you’ve known for a long time. Indeed just as significant [...]

GUEST POST: Standing tall

2022-09-06T09:27:53+02:00Tue, 6th Sep '22, 09:27|

While we prepare for the anti-corruption demo in Valletta tonight, the university student union is preparing another protest tomorrow in the shadow of a threat of a new neighbour. Alexandra Gaglione is the KSU President. In my five years as a student activist, never did I feel as empowered as I did in November 2019, [...]

Before Archimedes

2022-09-05T13:16:50+02:00Mon, 5th Sep '22, 13:16|

Here's a social media post by our very own Tourism Minister. The Minister makes an appeal for responsibility because festas leave a horrible mess. It's not rocket science, is it? It should be obvious that a bin that is big enough for the rubbish generated in a village square any given Sunday is not going [...]

Repubblika informs 4 corruption inquiries about secret SOCAR deal

2022-09-05T09:13:55+02:00Mon, 5th Sep '22, 09:13|

Repubblika went to court this morning to inform 4 magistrates currently conducting inquiries into corruption allegations to inform them of the report published yesterday by The Shift News and acquired some days ago by the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation through a Freedom of Information request. The agreement between the Maltese government and SOCAR Trading SA [...]

It’s time

2022-09-04T18:30:24+02:00Sun, 4th Sep '22, 18:25|

Statement by Repubblika, #occupyjustice, and WE DEMAND ACTION AGAINST CORRUPTION Day after day, Maltese and Gozitans learn about new facts involving corruption. Despite this, impunity still reigns supreme. A class of politicians and their cronies are considered untouchable by certain sectors of our institutions. This is totally unacceptable. We refuse to tolerate the fact [...]

Little man

2022-09-02T14:34:06+02:00Fri, 2nd Sep '22, 14:34|

I wonder if Robert Abela ever asked himself what he’d have done if he was a political leader during the ascendancy of the Nazis. Would he have had the resolve to resist and fight the Nazis never relenting until their unconditional surrender? Or would he have sued for peace early on, or even perhaps when [...]

Inspector Bigger

2022-09-02T12:44:39+02:00Fri, 2nd Sep '22, 12:44|

Sandro Camilleri is now head of the anti-money laundering unit of the police. The man is a bit of a caricature in and of himself and though I’m not above a little unkind mockery, I’ll pass on it this time. Perhaps I’m growing old. Older certainly than when I wrote this other piece – Inspector [...]

Someone has to do it

2022-09-01T10:23:55+02:00Thu, 1st Sep '22, 10:23|

Those protecting Joseph Muscat have been for years trying to keep in the ground the secrets once hidden, poorly, in the safe in the kitchen at Pilatus Bank, in Whitehall Mansions, Ta’ Xbiex. One of Joseph Muscat’s most important allies was his personal friend and lawyer Paul Lia. Lia and Muscat come a long way. [...]


2022-09-02T07:50:14+02:00Thu, 1st Sep '22, 09:00|

Photo: Jonathan Borg/Times of Malta Is it not a relief to know our prime minister will take time off from his near permanent holiday to receive the prime minister of another country? He looks so healthy. Look at that tan. He's spent so much time in the sun he actually looks darker than [...]

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