The Castille-mandated campaign driven by mouthpieces Josef Caruana, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and others on the supposed existence of a laptop that Daphne Caruana Galizia used before her death and that, they argue, is being hidden from investigators in order to cover up information on the crime is now being seen for what it is.

This is a campaign driven by willful hate for Daphne Caruana Galizia and her family: a hate so powerful that even the chance of conviction of those believed to have planted and detonated the bomb that killed her is undermined.

We have seen this before. Alfred Sant campaigned to discredit the prosecution’s case against the assassins that attempted to kill Richard Cachia Caruana. That political campaign was designed to support the defence of the accused and to bring about their acquittal, out of malice, spite, and a perverse philosophy that justice should only work when it serves the political interests of the Labour Party.

We can see how the stupid laptop arguments are now bubbling into arguments made by the defence of at least one of the three who, while presumed innocent, stands charged in the face of very compelling evidence to have been one of the hired assassins that executed Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Alfred Degiorgio is alleging that the absence of her laptop is prejudicing his human rights.

He’s also alleging – in a different application – that a court-appointed expert should not be there because his criminal record should preclude him from being part of the process.

See this Malta Today report for details.

Alfred Degiorgio is represented by Dr William Cuschieri, who is not a legal aid lawyer.

Alfred Degiorgio’s co-accused have legal aid (i.e. paid for by you and me) lawyers, who have not, at least as yet, joined their ‘private sector’ colleague in filing similar applications.

William Cuschieri is also counsel for plaintiffs in the multiple civil libel cases filed against Daphne Caruana Galizia by what can conveniently be described as Silvio Debono’s group, the cases revolving around the story of what many refer to as the ‘ITS Land-grab’.

Alfred Degiorgio is accused of being part of the actual assassination process but no-one except the utterly moronic or the totally delusional even imagines that he, and his co-accused, were the people who dreamed up the plot.

If guilty, they are guilty of being part of the crime, in a sense, but not the ‘brains’ behind it.

Consequently, what may or may not be on the laptop is entirely irrelevant to Alfred Degiorgio’s defence.

Alfred Degiorgio – or his co-accused – never figured in any of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog-posts, and it is an entirely reasonable supposition that none of them had ever read anything written by her.

So this complete layman believes that the only conclusion to which he can reasonably come is that – yet again and in the exact same vein as that mined by Labour’s politicians and their trolls and minions – the laptop is nothing more than a meaningless distracting tactic, designed to beguile the masses and muddy the waters.

As to what might be achieved by impugning the work of the court-appointed (and consequently it must be assumed court-trusted) expert, well, that’s something that will have to be explained by William Cuschieri when he pleads his client’s case before the Court.

In the meantime, we wait for justice, as do the accused, who have pleaded not guilty.