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2018-04-24T08:39:41+02:00Tue, 24th Apr '18, 08:30|

When Daphne Caruana Galizia a year ago and further back wrote about a bank in Malta set up to service the Azerbaijan regime, she was accused of lying. When she reported how its clients included the children of Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, Labour told her she was inventing things. When she reported how the energy [...]

Amorality in 9 words

2018-04-24T07:59:11+02:00Tue, 24th Apr '18, 07:41|

Luciano Busuttil, not famous for his intellectual depth and sharp wit, sums up Labour's political philosophy in a precis so elegant you could put a top hat on it and take it to the opera. We have money. Doesn't matter how we got it. Doesn't matter if it's not sustainable. Doesn't matter if we exploited [...]

READ: The Guardian on Joseph Muscat’s career

2018-04-24T07:33:49+02:00Tue, 24th Apr '18, 07:33|

Read this detailed article that traces Joseph Muscat's story since his election as prime minister in 2013, seen as a darling of the European Socialists, and his downfall since a fateful meeting he had very early on with Christian Kaelin and Ali Sadr. There was a wedding he flew to in 2015. The groom is [...]

GUEST POST: Truth Be Wrote

2018-04-24T07:24:36+02:00Tue, 24th Apr '18, 07:24|

By Andrew Borg-Cardona: Dwardu l-Profs wrote a big letter to the FT, so I thought I’d add some scurrilous comments in the form of his inner thoughts while writing. My bits are in italics.  The Editor The Financial Times You (and many many others) have devoted a significant amount of (really really negative but totally [...]

More European inquiries into the state of play in Malta

2018-04-23T16:44:49+02:00Mon, 23rd Apr '18, 16:44|

The Council of Europe has appointed a rapporteur to investigate Malta’s handling of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. This is only the third ever similar initiative of the Council of Europe. The only other two precedents both concerned Russia when rapporteurs were appointed to investigate the assassinations of Sergei Magnitsky and Boris Nemtsov. The [...]

Chris Cardona’s phone logs

2018-04-23T16:36:19+02:00Mon, 23rd Apr '18, 16:16|

It looks like Chris Cardona may unilaterally withdraw the libels suits he had filed against Daphne Caruana Galizia for reporting he was in a brothel in Germany 14 months ago during an official trip there. Libel suits are almost never unilaterally withdrawn. They are sometimes settled out of court when the parties agree on a [...]

Blame it on Eve

2018-04-23T12:05:36+02:00Mon, 23rd Apr '18, 12:05|

After the film screening on Saturday I hosted a panel discussion with guests who had interesting things to say. But they were all men. That wasn’t a good thing whatever the context and whatever the subject being discussed. The fact that the silly all-male scene was unintended and due to some last minute cancellations from [...]

Christian Kaelin dodges questions

2018-04-23T09:26:33+02:00Mon, 23rd Apr '18, 09:21|

Christain Kaelin of Henley and Partners was having a big jamboree last week in London selling the citizenship of countries he does not belong to but which he behaves as if he owns. Kaelin likes publicity as much as the next hawker but he likes his interviews controlled. His face turned sour when Freddy Gray [...]

Hate porn

2018-04-23T09:02:01+02:00Mon, 23rd Apr '18, 09:02|

Several people sent me the screenshot below. I was so revolted by it I could not for several hours bring myself to publish it. Sometimes people expect that when someone one disagrees with utterly embarrasses themselves with their behaviour, one would gleefully parade their behaviour to score easy points. I feel no satisfaction in seeing [...]

Chris Cardona was present at event hours before Daphne’s killing when prime minister took ill

2018-04-22T20:12:01+02:00Sun, 22nd Apr '18, 20:12|

A report yesterday on The Shift News revealed prime minister Joseph Muscat fainted while delivering a speech at an event on 14 October, 2017, hours before the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. From The Shift News: "The event held at Le Meridien hotel marked the 30th anniversary of a manufacturing company. Two independent eye witnesses who [...]

STAR COMMENT: A million heralds of destruction

2018-04-22T18:10:48+02:00Sun, 22nd Apr '18, 18:10|

This was sent to me by someone I know of Chinese heritage: In August 1966 Chairman Mao, the “great leader” of China had mobilized more than one million people to a mass meeting in Tiananmen Square, a show of force and beginning of disastrous ten year long Culture Revolution. Joseph Muscat is calling the same style [...]

Yesterday’s screening of “Daphne: The Execution”

2018-04-22T17:34:37+02:00Sun, 22nd Apr '18, 17:34|

A full theatre was moved to tears yesterday by La Repubblica's movie. Not that there was anyone in the room who had not cried over this subject matter several times before or that they do not have yet many more tears to shed. But of all the many excellent documentaries made over the last 6 months [...]

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