Abandon ship

2018-04-26T16:46:37+02:00Thu, 26th Apr '18, 16:46|

Resignations from directorships at Pilatus Bank have started. The 'competent person' running the bank filed the resignation of Director Joseph Jerry Liow-Yune-Loy with the MFSA and he's out. This may or may not be a missed opportunity to discuss with Mr Liow-Yune-Loy when he found out the owner of the bank he was director of [...]

Sister Capital of Culture cuts off contact with Valletta. Says V18 organisers “put pressure on Capital of Culture values”

2018-04-26T17:00:45+02:00Thu, 26th Apr '18, 16:33|

Malta is not the only European Capital of Culture in 2018. The other city is Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. Its Director Tjeerd van Bekkum stated in an interview with the largest Dutch news organisation NOS that his committee no longer sends official representatives to Malta. The Frisian foundation LF2018 (the equivalent of V18) has suspend the cooperation with its [...]

You’re paying for their corruption

2018-04-25T19:26:43+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 19:26|

I’ve had it up to here hearing people say they don’t mind if ministers are corrupt if their good work makes everyone that little bit richer. Never mind choosing between right or wrong, that these people would not distinguish if right floated towards them on the backs of doves until wrong stabs it in the [...]

Swedish Press Club awards Freedom of Speech award to Daphne Caruana Galizia

2018-04-25T16:22:00+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 16:18|

The Swedish National Press Club has awarded its 2018 Freedom of Speech award in memory of Anna Politkovskaya to Daphne Caruana Galizia “for independent journalism with courage and integrity in times when investigative journalism is under hard pressure”. The award in memory of Anna Politkovskaya is given to a journalist who in his or her [...]

Joseph’s dogs of war

2018-04-25T23:07:07+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 11:22|

Tuesday’s Labour Party mass meeting will be massive, maybe one of the largest political gatherings ever. The crowd is pumped up and tensions have not been so high in years, decades even. The Labour Party is pushing it as a call to arms. It’s a do or die moment to support the great leader in [...]

GUEST POST: All that hullabaloo

2018-04-25T11:03:36+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 11:03|

By Lizzie Eldrige. From her long series of Tales from the Land of Serenity. All this hullabaloo in the Land of Serenity when we are simply and quietly trying to go about our business as usual. For such a small and peaceful little haven of tranquility that simply likes to keep itself to itself as [...]

Organisations call for an action in Valletta this Sunday: they demand Justice and Truth

2018-04-25T10:20:21+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 10:20|

This is a statement issued this morning by #occupyjustice and Awturi. Spread the word.   A CALL FOR JUSTICE AND TRUTH   #occupyjustice and L-Awturi are gravely concerned about recent developments. Firstly, it is very clear now that Minister Konrad Mizzi lied to the Maltese and European Parliaments, and that both he and the Prime [...]

What ever happened to Buttardi?

2018-04-25T09:39:57+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 09:39|

Visit www.buttardi.com. Then come back here. Looks like Michelle Muscat's jewelry business has ridden quietly into the sunset. And what a time to do so. Daphne Caruana Galizia had revealed how Ali Sadr had ordered his staff at Pilatus Bank to set up an account in his sister's name and then quickly transfer money to [...]

Who tipped off il-Fulu and iċ-Ċiniż?

2018-04-26T08:16:12+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 09:33|

There’s a question that needs to be asked. Is it true the Degiorgio brothers knew ahead of their arrest that they were about to be picked up? The question arises from the suspicion the arresting officer had that December morning. “You knew we were coming. Who told you we were coming?” They would not have [...]

Unburden yourself

2018-04-25T09:30:38+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 09:30|

Journalists are only as good as their sources. The Daphne Project has already gone farther than anyone has in revealing issues that anywhere civilised would have brought about dismissals, resignations and major, major changes. The 17 Black revelations alone should be unsurvivable. Having lied to Parliaments, lied to the media, lied to the public; having [...]

When did they know? And what did they do about it?

2018-04-25T10:18:56+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 09:28|

We are faced with some seriously disturbing questions. Read from a recent edition of La Repubblica (my translation): “At that interrogation of the 5th December another truth emerged that remained hidden for the last 6 months covered by embarrassed circumspection. George Degiorgio was made to listen to the phone-calls from his phone from that morning [...]

Laughter as cheap medicine

2018-04-25T09:26:22+02:00Wed, 25th Apr '18, 09:26|

If Panama is discovered, and then Dubai, and then the Bahamas, and then the pirate bank in Ta' Xbiex, they could always hide it in the stars. Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi have stars named for them now somewhere in the stars and some witty activists even got them certificates. They can hang [...]

Joseph Muscat: “Labour cannot revert to its past as one of the most morally corrupt parties Malta ever had”.

2018-04-24T15:52:22+02:00Tue, 24th Apr '18, 15:37|

The exact quote is "Labour cannot afford to revert to tactics, style and people which in the past have made it one of the most morally, physically and ideologically corrupt parties which our country ever had". This bout of uncharacteristic sincerity was written on the 25th September 1998 and Joseph Muscat was going through a [...]

GUEST POST: On carrying responsibility

2018-04-24T08:54:35+02:00Tue, 24th Apr '18, 08:54|

By Charles Schembri: Irrespective of one’s opinions facts are facts. Fact is truth; and yet fact is subject to one’s interpretation of circumstances. Once again I would go back on the essence of Truth (or Un-Truth). It is so simple to understand. Heidegger would state that the proposal “this is genuine gold” is truth; but [...]

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